english pattern a Knitters cable sweater by St.effiestudio

6,90  inkl. MwSt.


The „a knitter’s cable sweater“ is a fluffy lightweight sweater with a deep V-neck in a discreet pattern mix style. The sweater is worked top-down seamlessly.

First, the upper back is knitted. Both shoulder pieces are attached directly to the back and will be joined with the upper back before the front pieces are joined themselves at the bottom of the V. The body is worked in rounds and is divided at the hem for the split ribbing. The sleeves are worked in rounds with decreases. Stitches are picked up around the armhole to attach them directly to the garment – same for the neckline. The neckline is turned halfway down on the inside and sewn on while all other edges of the sweater are cast off with the tubular method.


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Größen: XS (S, M) L (XL, XXL)
Brustumfang: 104 (110, 119) 122 (131, 137) cm
Länge: 55 (55,5, 56) 57 (58, 59,5) cm
Ärmellänge ab unterem Armausschnitt: 41,5 (42,42,5) 42,5 (43, 43,5) cm
Maschenprobe: 20 Maschen x 30 Reihen Rippenmuster (2li, 1re) auf Nadel 5 mm = 10 x 10 cm
Material: 600 (600, 650) 700 (750, 800) g  Snefnug; 110m / 50g
Nadeln: Rundstricknadel 5 mm (40 & 80 cm)

Rundstricknadel 4,5 mm (40 & 60 cm)

Fotos: Steffi Haberkern